Is Collaboration Key to Future Success?

Some of the most ambitious and impressive achievements in history have resulted from collaborations. Choosing which companies to bring in on your project may seem like a huge headache, in terms of quality. In reality, thanks to quality standards, the process is less of a minefield.

ISO 44001, ‘Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems’ – requirements and framework, aims to address any issues on joint projects. It provides a management system that includes components for business relationships within and outside organisations, as well as operational process requirements.

Who is ISO 44001:2017 Aimed at?

The standard has been designed to cover small business and individual needs up to large corporations. The standard ensures full understanding of: leadership, competency, conformity, documentation, strategies and more. Understanding of a supply chain for large projects can be vital to successful outcomes.

ISO 44001:2017 adopts the same high-level structure as other ISO management systems and the beauty of this particular standard is that, it is applicable to both private and public sector. It is also suitable for either a single project or multiple, large supply-chain driven projects. In addition, ISO 44001:2017 really cements relationships, helping businesses to work together and maximise the benefits of their alliances.

Why Rallivo Enhances this New Standard

Rallivo is all about collaboration. The whole concept of Rallivo is to build a platform of ISO qualified companies who regularly contact and share information with each other, in a secure and confidential way.

Collaboration becomes far simpler when qualifying ISO certification can be uploaded and shared in real time, making the task of organising a reputable and safe supply chain quick and stress free. For large projects, the headache of monitoring certificates is over, you will be alerted the minute anything requires your attention. Rallivo silently does the work in the background, leaving you free to concentrate on strategy and logistics.

As politics continue to reshape our world on every level, British Industry is quietly preparing and drawing on its traditional strengths. Investment in training and utilising the very latest in technology and software such as Rallivo, ensures that Brexit is simply a gateway to a new way of trading.

Evaluate. Innovate. Collaborate.