Product History

From conception to realisation

Inventiveness is born from demand. The idea for Rallivo was conceived and developed to meet a serious need for increased efficiency. The P.P. Group wanted to eliminate time consuming factors when evaluating suppliers. Steel Software Solutions were tasked to assess the entire procedure of evaluation, from legal auditing requirements, to administrative tasks and then streamline the process. The P.P. Group had previously required enterprise resource planning software, Steel Software Solutions developed Profile Logic to give the group a competitive advantage. Due to the ongoing relationship and continuous development, Profile Logic maintains the P.P. Group’s status as a leader in the industry. The new collaboration held high expectations backed by proven credibility; Rallivo not only met expectations but surpassed them; Steel Software Solutions once again demonstrated their absolute understanding of the client’s need.

By utilising knowledge, experience and innovation, Rallivo is accessible and intuitive whilst remaining cutting-edge in design and security. Embracing the P. P. Group’s mantra of autonomation - the enabling of operators to work harmoniously with their machines - Steel Software Solutions blended technology with user to create a platform no business will want to be without in such a financially competitive climate.

Revolutionising Industry

At-a-glance validation

Rallivo eliminates administrative difficulties and unnecessary delays. With this amazing software, you can invite your suppliers to the platform, access certificates, rule out non-conformity and validate within minutes; assessing suitability with at-a-glance capabilities. Automatic alerts will give you peace of mind regarding the real time status of your chosen supplier once selected. Steel Software Solutions developed a platform allowing demand to meet supply, autonomating the entire procedure, eliminating the strain on QHSE department resources. Organisations who experienced the benefits were enthusiastic about the software.

A perfect partnership

Only the beginning

With not one but two powerful pieces of software created, Profile Logic and Rallivo, the relationship between the P.P. Group of Companies and Steel Software Solutions continues to go from strength to strength. With the underlying goal of ensuring technology seamlessly integrated into industry in a beneficial way - to both user and end result; Rallivo has satisfied this concept and respects the ethos of both organisations. The partnership has made full use of forward thinking and passion for excellence, making sure that exceptional standards are now much easier to achieve.

Steel Software Solutions envision Rallivo supporting global supplier evaluation. They are committed to delivering a reliable, professional after-sales service to all clients and are devoted to Research & Development in their search for excellence. To find out more, please click here.

One of the UK’s leading independent profiling and processing companies, the P.P. Group provides diverse, high-quality profiling, processing and manufacturing services across a vast range of industries. Their commitment to innovative technology and machinery, partnered with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced employees in the business, has earned them an outstanding reputation for reliability and honest service. To find out more, please click here.

“I instinctively knew how to use Rallivo, I can’t emphasise enough how beneficial this platform is to the evaluation process. Constant availability allowed us to immediately use the software for an unexpected project which had a fixed time deadline. Due to the confirmation of conformity, we could confidently accept the challenge. We could see at a glance, that all the required documents were valid for the duration of the work.”