Insisting on ISO Standards Is Essential to Success

There is a rule breaker in all of us. It may be driving 5 mph above the speed limit or standing on a chair to reach something. Trivial yes, but life-threatening? Unlikely.

And there you have it, the word ‘unlikely’… because in all reality that extra 5 mph could be the difference between knocking over and injuring a child, or killing that child. The chair may slip. Standards are there for protection and yet, the courts right up to present day still have to prosecute negligence.

A company that has all the relevant ISO certification has a strong foundation of safety and awareness. Qualities that will always be selected by QHSE departments. If you want to be considered part of a professional supply chain, covering the bare minimum doesn’t cut it. A poor safety performance anywhere along the chain affects all.

Totally Preventable

A supplier recently made headlines when a maintenance worker was dragged into machinery. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the company had not identified the safety procedures which would have allowed the work to be done correctly. Staff were unaware of a safety mode on the machine, which should have been employed.

An engineering firm in the North of England was, “Lucky that their employee was alive.” HSE pointed out that as a result of poor planning and safety supervision, the victim had suffered life changing injuries when lifting equipment failed, due to overloading.

Eight-years in prison was the verdict handed to a construction company director. He instructed one of his construction workers to stand on a skip and douse burning waste with a drum of thinners. The resulting fireball blew the young worker from the skip, inflicting “substantial” burn injuries to his arms and legs. The HSE discovered the victim was not even offered basic first aid, or tended to at the scene. Furthermore, he was not taken to the hospital to assess his injuries and the director failed to notify the HSE of the incident – a legal requirement. The incident came to light only via a third party.

Protect Yourself - Check Your Supply Chain

Sadly, all of the incidents in this article were prosecuted recently. Even more disheartening is the fact that they are three stories out of many – just in the UK.

By sharing your ISO standards, you are proclaiming to the world your intention to do it right. To follow the rules. To take your responsibilities seriously and protect all.

Rallivo is a platform designed to help build a community and environment of trust. A place where a growing number of members take pride in displaying their certificates and demonstrating their commitment and integrity. Certificates right now, are being exchanged. Work is arranged in confidence, thanks to real time information, enabling the selection of the best suppliers for current projects.

The ISO is something you have worked hard to achieve and should be proud to display. You can become part of the community that works only with the highest standards.

You can still be a rule breaker - be innovative, creative and come up with something outside of the box. But remember - no one should turn a blind eye. Those protections keep all of us, including you and your business… safe.