The Purpose of an International Standard

You may have been asked by a project manager if your company holds ISO 9001. You may have also been asked to supply ISO certificates whilst being considered as a supply chain member. Chances are you already know all about them or hold them, but for anyone who wants to know more, here is our quick overview of what standards are and why they benefit those who have achieved them.

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) creates documents with specific requirements: guidelines, methods of application, specifications and characteristics. These can be used by a company or business, to ensure they are working to a recognised uniform standard. Processes, materials, services and products will then be trusted to be fit for purpose and of high quality. So far, there are 21,607 standards and these cover almost every aspect of business and industry.

How Do ISO Standards Affect Our Lives?

Because standards are built on the best approach to challenges and incorporate feedback from a global membership, they address everything that is considered essential in our world. Defining how to achieve growth and sustainability, realising true potential and keeping people and goods moving safely and efficiently are key. According to the ISO, fundamentals are:
  • Growing Business - For both multinational concerns and small business.
  • Protecting the Environment - ISO 14001 is the benchmark for environmental concerns.
  • Health and Safety - There are over a 1000 ISO standards keeping us safe and healthy.
  • Feeding the World – From efficient farming to soil testing and chemical controls.
  • Nurturing the Family – Child car seat safety to night-time monitors, quality protection.

How Does Achieving an ISO Standard Affect My Business?

Considering that the whole organisation is built on answering “what is the best way of doing this?”, it is hard to see how gaining the certificate will not help your business. Your clients will instantly know that products and services purchased will be of the utmost quality, produced not only with your welfare in mind, but the wellbeing of the local community, employees and the environment. The standard will mark you as reliable, safe, strongly managed and mindful of every aspect you may affect; or cover in what you provide or produce. You will also be working with greater productivity, efficiency and profitability. ISO standard will help you mark out your route to economic growth and sustainability.

How Do I Get Involved?

You can achieve your first accreditation by contacting the national member or visiting the ISO website

If you have a project where you want to ensure your entire supply chain conforms to your own high standards and need to automatically monitor that this remains the case, contact Rallivo and find out how our software plays a vital role in this.