One of the UK’s leading independent profiling and processing companies, the P.P. Group, enjoy a reputation for innovation and excellence. The group remained at the forefront thanks to forward thinking, investment, training and the development of technology.

With a dedicated QHSE department ensuring adherence to strict standards, discussions led to how the supplier evaluation process could be streamlined and improved. Gathering validated certificates, ensuring conformity and communication within the supply chain were areas of concern and it soon became apparent that there was a necessity for improvement.

Having collaborated successfully with Steel Software Solutions in the past, we were approached to produce a solution and Rallivo grew from concept to fully functioning platform. Suddenly, the P.P. Group found themselves with an intuitive, workable solution to the supply chain evaluation process.

In early trials the P.P. Group and chosen suppliers, gave us full feedback on the software and this enabled us to fine tune so that everyone benefitted to the maximum. Those that sampled the software have stayed with it and as one CEO stated:

“Saves time and frees up my QHSE Staff – check, allows full transparency between the two parties – check, assists auditing – check, is private and secure – check. The million-dollar question, does it provide return on investment – check, until we wanted to use the service on a larger scale Rallivo didn’t cost us a penny”

Rallivo has been fully embraced by the P.P. Group and its suppliers. Praise has been high for the product and Rallivo is now being used by all P.P. Group’s suppliers, which are fully utilising the platform for a distinctive edge over competitors.

The advantages have not just benefitted companies looking for suitable suppliers; suppliers also capitalize by having a platform to instantly display certificates, giving them a leading position when offering goods and services.

Rallivo is now available globally, offering the perfect solution to take industry forward. Following the BREXIT decision, now is the perfect time to streamline processes, increase profitability and lead the country back to being a strong, competitive, manufacturing nation.