What is Rallivo?

Rallivo is quietly revolutionising the way ISO qualified companies are sharing information with each other. Quality Management is becoming streamlined and efficient thanks to this simple piece of software. Rallivo encourages unity between companies and higher productivity within QHSE departments, throughout supply chain projects.

Overcoming Problems of the Past

Quality management software in the past has been expensive, difficult to use and required an IT team to install and configure.

Rallivo is simple to install, requires basic computer skills to use and for the first level of use, is absolutely free of charge. We think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see that for the more involved user, the fee remains low, considering the boost the software could represent to your bottom line.

Who Uses Rallivo?

The beauty of Rallivo is confidentiality, but we can reveal - some of the largest corporate companies in the UK have been using Rallivo for the best part of a year. Companies invite their colleagues from industry to join and then ISO certification is shared in a confidential, military-standard encrypted environment.

Quality management administrators no longer need to monitor certificates of conformance. The software alerts them automatically of any relevant changes; these alerts can be fully customised. Thus, all focus can be directed towards logistics and strategy. Regulatory certificates are looked after autonomously and this has saved hours of laborious ‘chasing’ and auditing.

Rallivo is continuing to grow and certain companies are already planning to only source from organisations they have invited to the platform. Likewise, companies who were originally invited to use Rallivo are now inviting others to join, what is a thriving hub of communication. ISO 9001 certified companies in particular are realising the benefits and capitalising on them. Any organisations sharing ISO certificates, in order to organise suppliers and supply chains, would do well to check out what Rallivo has to offer.

Nothing to Lose

If you deal with analysis, evaluation and verification of suppliers and supply chains, Rallivo is for you. No quality management system (QMS) is quite like ours. The beauty is in the simplicity, security, confidentiality and user friendly experience. Easy performance monitoring, simply share certificates and let Rallivo do the work. You will only hear from the software if there is a problem; you will get a text message, or an email alert notification telling you a certificate is about to expire, or needs attention. Real-time communication bringing companies together and tightly forging that bond of trust.

No wonder we don’t need to invest heavily into marketing Rallivo - word of mouth is quietly spreading the merits of a superior evaluation tool.