“Rise Up” gets slapped down

As Tony Blair calls for remain supporters to “rise up in defence of what we believe” the Prime Minister vows to act on the “will of the people.” It seems we are heading into another round of heated Brexit debates.

The Labour Party hints that it may try to soften the blow of a hard exit with some House of Lords amendments. Meanwhile, another independence bid by Scotland is being suggested and Northern Ireland has made no secret of the wish to remain.

However, the EU has hit back at Blair stating he “missed the bus and should move on” (Express Online). Jeremy Corbyn echoed a senior official’s opinion that this last-minute intervention was “unhelpful” stating: “Democracy happened, respect the result."

Can we progress and stay competitive in a post-Brexit world?

Planning, preparation and productivity

In February 2015, the Government released Strengthening UK Manufacturing Supply Chains – an action plan for government and Industry.

The document recognised that the UK manufacturing supplier base had declined over the previous 30 years and outlined six key areas that could be improved, to benefit suppliers across a range of sectors:

  • Skills
  • Access to finance
  • Building capability (SMEs)
  • Strong collaboration across supply chains
  • Creating resilient supply chains
  • Innovation

The plan highlighted a need to embrace technology to streamline processes - boosting productivity as a result. It urged supply chain businesses not to be complacent and to face increasing competition from emerging economies and industrialised nations with innovation. Automation would help to retain market share amongst the high value aerospace and automotive sectors and reduce the flow of imported components. Long-term supply chains were encouraged in new important energy projects such as nuclear, shale and offshore wind.

Facing the future with resilience

Using the latest technology to progress, together with investment is vital to business growth. Platforms like Rallivo, bring huge benefits to QHSE departments and build trust for long-lasting relationships. Strengthening UK supply chains has been the focus of many industries, aerospace, construction and life sciences, to name just a few. Rallivo users cover a range of sectors and regularly work with one another. ISO-certified companies are able to share certification and contact details without the usual delays, which is a real boost to productivity and fully embraces the advice in the government plan. With automated alerts, time can be better managed to produce a stronger ROI. As a consequence, audits increase in accuracy and efficiency.

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