Pitfalls Associated with Supply Chain Management

Many horror stories have probably been shared in boardrooms across the world. Many of them will describe how a potentially successful project was let down by one weak link in the supply chain. Poor, outdated information based on previous performance can lead to disappointing results. Lack of communication and presumptions on both sides can lead to missing important deadlines and lethal halts in production when supplies don’t materialise as planned. Your industry may demand very high standards and compliance with international guidelines may be viewed as essential. ISO certificates will require administrative demands: collecting, assessing and monitoring to ensure conformity; and to make sure that each component of your chain adheres to the same unifying standard. With all these potential pitfalls what is the best way forward?

Quality Management Software

Most project managers will, at some point, turn to management software. There is a bewildering choice of quality management software on the market; most requiring not only a substantial purchase price, but a financial commitment to training staff for full utilisation. A technical installation may push costs up even further. Your company may have dedicated systems already and not really want additional complications and costs. Additionally, you may not require every tool the software offers. A large financial outlay would not be justified to simply have the use of one feature. In fact, the software may not only cause extra financial outlay but also be time consuming. In a busy QHSE department already managing logistics and customer relations, time is already a precious commodity. There has always been a need in the market for something far more specific, affordable and user- friendly and we think we have the answer.

Why Rallivo is Unique

Rallivo was developed specifically to enable simple administration of ISO certification. The platform providing a way for you and your supply chain to share documents in a military-grade secured environment. Keeping all interaction confidential and private, it doesn’t require a complicated download or installation. The simple to use interface provides a transparent and intuitive user experience.

You can view certificates in real time and make decisions about selection on the spot. Once set up, the software monitors the certificates in the background. Automatic email and/or text alerts leave you free to manage other key aspects of quality control management, increasing productivity and ensuring standards are met.

Companies across the UK who check and monitor ISO standards are benefitting from Rallivo, come and join us and see why we are quietly revolutionising the compliance process.