Quality Management – Why It Matters

If you have built a business from the ground up, or took over the reins of a family-run enterprise, you are no stranger to quality management. Without it, a business will not have equipped itself for the long haul. Chances are, with the uncertainty of the current climate, they will face the future with a distinct disadvantage. We’ve broken it down into the core five reasons, why investment in Quality Management is vital to business.

1 - Customer Trust

New customers are the goal for any business, but the true lifeblood of a successful business, is the loyal customer who returns over and over again. The digital age has revolutionised the way we do business. The customer of today is streetwise, not only can they scour the internet for the best price; they can also get an unlimited review of any product or service, they are considering paying for. If it was just about who was the cheapest, then a lot of our established businesses would have folded long ago. Trust is the major key to keeping clients - if they trust your brand, products, services as well as how you handle problems and how you incentivise them to try new things, chances are they will return. Furthermore, your customers will be loyal enough to tell others; becoming your brand advocates.

2 - Quality Product or Service

Whatever your business provides, it has to be of the utmost quality. Customer trust and quality products or services are equally as important. If you manufacture, you are going to be key to the success of the UK in coming months. Is your product reliable, durable and most importantly, will it meet and exceed your customer’s expectation? Are your suppliers working to the same quality standards as you? Have you attained ISO certification? If so, then you will want your supply chain to have gone to the same effort, in order to trust them for their contribution to your success.

Rallivo takes the strain out of monitoring certification. Real time alerts notify you immediately if there is an issue, leaving you free to manage logistics and customer care.

3 - Safe Working Environment

Ensuring the health and safety of your employees and customers should be second nature. A safe and pleasant environment will encourage loyalty and hard work. Employees who feel valued take pride in their roles and will go the extra mile, in helping you achieve your goals. Likewise, a product which meets regulations and is safe to use, will always outsell a cheap inferior alternative. A service where the technician, or engineer carries qualifications and represents your business in a professional way, earns trust, loyalty and perhaps, that glowing review on the internet.

4 - Attention to the Foundation

Strong management leads to strong teamwork. If leadership is organised and investing in people, then training and skills will follow. Technical skills, problem solving, decision making all factor in to quality. A business that builds on the bricks of integrity and good ethics will stay strong. Respecting the environment both locally and beyond shows forward thinking.

5 - Communication

There is no excuse not to have great communication. The number of devices and methods have never been greater. Using suppliers or even a supply chain to finish your project no longer needs to be beset with issues.

Our software silently manages ISO Quality Standards certification in the background. Once you have invited your suppliers to join Rallivo and they have uploaded their certification, you no longer need to worry about monitoring or assessing. Rallivo takes over the task, so that all other areas of quality management can be dealt with.

Why not register today and give your Quality Management system a real boost.