Assisting a large construction company to get rid of QHSE-related administrative pressures

The Project

A large construction company approached the Rallivo team after learning about the advantages being enjoyed not only by the P.P. Group but several large engineering, multinational companies. The deadline for the work they were about to embark on left no room for error and any advantage that could be gained was essential to the success of the project.

After outlining the complexities involved with such a long list of suppliers and the strict regulations, they decided to try the software as a means of:

  • Ensuring conformity
  • Accurate real time monitoring providing complete transparency
  • Ease of auditing
  • Increased productivity
  • Fully utilised QHSE department

The Solution

The Company tried the software and invited the participating suppliers to the platform. Delighted by the ease with which their team could select, evaluate and validate suitable suppliers, they could autonomate procedures and confidently concentrate effort in other areas in order to meet the tightly fixed project deadline. Nothing was left open to delay as every certificate could clearly be monitored with the majority affording compliance for the duration of the work. There was an expressed desire for confidentiality and protection of data and Rallivo was able to provide this as a standard feature of the software.

“Despite covering so many different factors of the process, we were amazed by the simplicity of use. My team literally were up and running virtually from installation, I cannot stress enough how much time and administrative pressure this has saved in all our QHSE operations. We were promised that the platform was designed to be cutting-edge but intuitive, user-friendly and required minimal IT skills, I’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint. We decided this was an essential asset for our company and look forward to a long relationship with the Rallivo team.”