• Autonomate your
    QHSE-related supplier
    validation procedures
  • No more non-conformance
    delays – approve or remove
  • One click authentication
  • Verification in an
    instant – No more
    non-conformance delays

Automated Supplier Evaluation - Secure. Transparent. Simple.

Dynamic evaluation at your fingertips, no non-conformance just validated performance.

Quality management software (QMS) can involve complicated installation and configuration. With Rallivo, there is no complicated process. QHSE departments now have a powerful tool to instantly communicate, evaluate and validate suppliers. Non-conformance delays, time consuming administrative tasks and auditing issues are now problems of the past as this exciting, dynamic software enables swift assessment and increased efficiency. The software will monitor supplier compliance automatically.

Rallivo is aimed at industries with supply chains and suppliers incorporating the ISO 9001 certification and family of standards or similar. ISO certificates can now be viewed and shared with no ambiguity or uncertainty. Robust protection secures all data and communications, ensuring peace of mind and confidentiality. Large and well known organisations have already signed up to enjoy the benefits of Rallivo.

Supplier assessment has never been easier. The simple to use interface provides a transparent and intuitive user experience. Rallivo is your compliance manager; you will instantly see who is using the ISO 9001 latest revision or has attained other crucial standards. Verify supply chain additions by inviting potential suppliers to the platform. Monitor or evaluate performance confidentially and then make decisions with confidence.

Rallivo is fast becoming a QMS essential product for industry, can you afford to be without it? Register now and enjoy stress free supplier evaluation.

Features & Benefits

World-class Autonomation

Simply invite and validate your supplier for standards conformance then leave Rallivo to take care of the monitoring. An E-mail and/or text alert system will notify you automatically of any changes, leaving QHSE departments free to manage the strategy and logistics of operational requirements instead of time-consuming conformity appraisal.


Rallivo affords you the ability to have a complete transparent overview of your suppliers and their current certification. Operational analysis can be collated and matched with criteria on your checklist in seconds freeing up valuable resources for better productivity. Crucial required information is presented in real time with no ambiguity.


Despite dynamic features and cutting-edge programming, Rallivo is a platform designed to be an intuitive, user-friendly experience requiring minimal IT skills. The software truly revolutionises the evaluation process and liberates operational time for QHSE departments. The tools provide automated analysis, speeding up the entire procedure.


Incorporating the latest legislation, Rallivo combines the powerful security of AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithms to protect personal data and supplier-related relationships. Confidentiality is key and your customer list or supply chain cannot be determined by any other platform user. Only your own data and supplier/customer relationships are visible to you.

Secure. Transparent. Simple.

The must-have tool for supplier evaluation.

Rallivo in Less Than 60 Seconds