Earlier this month, our glasses were raised to toast the success of Rallivo, the revolutionary new approach to supplier evaluation. Originally intended for use by the P.P. Group and its suppliers, the software went viral across the UK as manufacturing companies received invitations and recommendations. Selected representatives from the early trials shared the informal celebration with those who put enormous effort into creating and developing the Rallivo platform. Developers were delighted to hear the feedback from thriving companies who had been part of the project from the beginning.

Businesses who had invested in people and standards found themselves able to showcase immediately their full conformity. They conveyed to us that Rallivo was opening doors for first consideration, which was a huge advantage. Being able to communicate validation to companies presented with tight deadlines ensured a competitive edge.

It quickly became apparent that leaving the monitoring of certificates to the fully automated system was a huge advantage. Knowing that if a certificate was due to expire an instant alert would be triggered automatically, QHSE departments could really maximise productivity. When we surveyed our trial groups about ease of use, the intuitive interface was rated simple to navigate. These autonomous features were praised highly.

Confidence in the software contributed to the thriving hub of activity Rallivo created during the trials. More and more businesses requested information or were invited, as word spread and curiosity grew. Rallivo brought the manufacturing community together, technology totally embraced as the benefits became obvious. Secure encryption ensured confidentiality and security and with permission based access, the entire supply chain enjoyed protection.

With article 50 being triggered by Theresa May no later than March 2017, it has never been more important for British manufacturers to seek advantages to keep this country relevant, competitive and highly productive. New use of technology will recapture our place as a leader in the global market. Rallivo will revolutionise a resource hungry process. Streamlining the evaluation procedure is vital as we march competitively onto the post BREXIT manufacturing world stage.