Helping the P.P. Group to eliminate delays caused by certificate evaluation procedures

The Project

The P.P. Group of Companies, following a previous successful collaboration, asked Steel Software Solutions to assess the problem of delays caused by the certificate evaluation procedure. Unnecessary strain was being placed on the QHSE departmentdue to auditing requirements, non-conformity, administrative errors, communication breakdowns and various other time consuming issues.

Due to developing Profile Logic, an ERP software to address efficiency for the group, we were already aware of many of the needs of the company and fully understood the ethos of the P.P.Group and the high standard of professionalism demanded at every level. Together we broke down the entire process to see how and where autonomation could be introduced to create a seamless, integrated system that would alleviate many of the unnecessary problems.

Of equal importance, the key points required were:

  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Confidentiality

The Solution

Rallivo was developed to provide a professional platform that handled the evaluation process and automatically monitored all certification throughout the lifetime of a relationship with a supplier. Providing the ability to view certificates in real time, to ascertain suitability and equipped with an autonomated system to provide advanced warning of expiring certificates, the P.P. Group could now have complete confidence when collating information. Organising projects requiring a complex supply chain and regulated standards would now become streamlined and effective, saving resources and boosting productivity.

The P.P. Group achieve autonomated lean manufacturing using the powerful Profile Logic software and Rallivo; validated performance available in seconds with one click authentication; secure, transparent and simple to use.

“Thanks to Rallivo, we now have an additional asset to compete against low cost countries using autonomation and advanced technology - we sincerely hope this will be another step towards protecting the UK’s aerospace sector and UK manufacturing in general. It really is dynamic evaluation - simply locate and evaluate. Operational analysis is collated in seconds. As QHSE Director, I can state as a fact, I reduced my operational workload - at the very least by 20% - enabling me to manage my department far more effectively. Powerful and secure, we know our personal data and supplier relationships are protected. We asked and Steel Software Solutions delivered, this will revolutionise the industry.”